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Cathy Mellett has been working in the information services industry since 1989, before the Internet as we know it was around. Then, in 2009, after 20 years in advisory and management roles in information services, Cathy founded Auckland social media and digital marketing company, Net Branding.

A talented veteran of the Age of the Internet, Cathy offers clients an unrivalled wealth of experience to help them achieve their online aspirations in a fast-changing digital world.

“With a strategic and operational management background, I’m well aware that the underlying business objectives that fuel your foray into the ‘world of the Internet’ are the ultimate drivers for your business; the Internet is merely a means to an end – and that’s where my expertise can help you.”

As Net Branding’s chief digital marketing strategist, Cathy leads a talented team of online specialists across the full spectrum of online marketing services.



“I’m passionate about enabling organisations to embrace digital marketing. Not only is it highly adaptable and very cost-effective, but it’s also the single most effective way to capture your segment of your market.”

For Cathy, that means understanding that your approach needs to be uniquely tailored to your specific business, your audience, your potential customers and your intended outcomes – and choosing from your entire repertoire of online tools to enable those outcomes.

Recognising the immense potential of social media for business, Cathy was at the forefront of its wider application in helping many companies in New Zealand and elsewhere use the web to launch successful social media profiles, drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in new business online.

“My job is to place our clients firmly into the conversation – still focused on their core business objectives, but tailored to where their audiences really are. We give them an authentic platform for sharing their brand message with their customers, building their authority in their industry and boosting sales.”

“My path into the realm of search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing was an extension of my strategic management background. My goal, however, remains unchanged, namely, to help your business effectively capture your segment of the market.”




With so many people online these days, no business can afford not to have the right online presence for advertising and selling their goods and services. Such a presence all starts with your website. Drawing on her extensive background in and experience with tried and tested IT principles and methodology, Cathy designs and develops flexible, responsive websites for her clients. A responsive websites is one that will give your customer the best experience no matter what device or browser environment they’re using.


Digital marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix for every business – and the reason for this is simple: people everywhere are online, and they’re spending more and more time there. Cathy founded Net Branding as a full-service digital marketing agency for the express purpose of branding businesses effectively on the Internet so they can be heard, seen and found online. While a client’s website constitutes the basis for their online presence, Cathy knows that no website can effectively generate leads traffic on its own. This is why she provides her clients with an end-to-end, full-service digital marketing service that coordinates the entire suite of online channels to bring traffic to their websites. In other words, optimising website, SEO, social media channels (like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), email and online advertising, etc to achieve the maximum conversion results for their businesses.


Social, as in social media, is a big thing today. Pretty much everyone online is also active on one or more of the more popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Therefore, in order for any business to achieve their maximum online reach and presence, they also have to have a social media presence. That’s why Cathy develops and fully integrates her social media marketing strategies with the various other components of her clients’ online presence. She then backs this up with a locally supported and managed social media program of content creation. Content that is not only designed specifically for her clients’ various brands and products, but which is also engaging and share-worthy for their respective audiences, in order to maintain that all-important connection with existing customers and attract new customers.

04. SEO.

Today’s online world has led to a drastic change in how people research products and services, and shop and buy. No matter what business you’re in, if people are unable to find your business online, then it’s probably safe to say your business is ultimately doomed. There’s only one answer to this problem and it lies in SEO or search engine optimisation – in other words optimising your online channels so your particular product or service can easily be found online. In addition, if you want to achieve the online presence that your business needs, then you have to keep optimising your online channels for the constantly changing search algorithms of the various search engines. This is where Cathy can help. As an SEO specialist, she can spot the changing search trends, understand their implications and develop SEO strategies that will work within them to achieve your overall goal of increasing the level of traffic to your website.


In our always-online world, digital advertising is a tried and tested means for creating new desire and demand, increasing engagement and loyalty, and driving sales. Digital advertising enables businesses to reach and appeal to their audiences in ever-changing ways and with great precision. Cathy is a master at designing digital advertising campaigns, including campaigns that use Google advertising (and Google Adwords – Google’s paid advertising service) and social media advertising, to extend the reach of your business online, engage with existing customers, acquire new interest and drive an ever-increasing flow of traffic into your sales funnel.



More people are looking for things (products and services) online than ever before. An online presence for advertising, connecting with people and developing relationships is no longer just optional, but a necessity.
Back in 2009, the term social media didn’t exist; Digital Marketing was not a concept so I founded Net Branding, Auckland’s full-service digital marketing agency, in 2010 for the sole purpose of branding businesses effectively on the Internet. The thing I know I was doing was helping our clients be heard, seen and found online. My focus has not changed over the years. I am still in the business of creating an integrated online presence that your business deserves.
My expertise spans the whole digital marketing spectrum.

Crafting excellent user experiences with a responsive website is only one piece of the puzzle – no website effectively generates leads on its own.

My experience in marketing shows that websites, SEO, social media and advertising all need to come together and integrate for a powerful business outcome.

An integrated yet flexible digital marketing solution is my difference.

I offer our clients end-to-end, full-service digital marketing.

This means that the focusing on all of your digital marketing elements and combining them into an integrated singular yet analytical approach has been a successful solution for my clients.

I tailor these solutions to each business and acknowledge that every business is unique. They all want to achieve different outcomes or meet different goals.
With this implementation of tried and tested good digital process and practises I can bring about a transformation within my client’s online presence.

I generally find that this approach ensures an abundant flow of targeted visitors to business.

I understand that with the best SEO techniques or digital marketing approach, you are never guaranteed an online placement. There are companies out there that do and that is for them to match promise to reality. What I know I do well is provide an authentic service to my clients that are transparent and reported on monthly.
I build flexible and responsive websites that respond to the ever-changing digital world and constantly tweaked to these aspects by optimising the online conversion channels to maximum effect. There are many website development tools in the market place that could be used but my platform is robust and flexible allowing me to make changes to the websites to improve online performance.
With Net Branding, my agency serves as a single point of contact for all online marketing activities. Clients save money as they escape the marketing “rate race” and use my full-service agency over many individual contractors or suppliers.

This approach pays off – I’m able to see results in my clients’ businesses. So yes, they have one person who they talk to about all things digital and one person who is ultimately their digital strategist. This saves them money in the long term! Furthermore my clients measure my results beyond the analytics I provide for them.

Being a one stop digital shop has its perks for my clients – I develop an intimate knowledge of their business and specifically tailor solutions to meet unique goals. It’s one of the many reasons why my clients stay with me for so long.
I help clients determine their digital strategy. If not on social media, my team assess’ which platforms are correct for them. We evaluate their website and its performance. SEO becomes a key foundation to their online success and we have invested heavily in SEO tools to support this element of our process. Content is King – this has been true for more than a decade and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Moving beyond the website and extending reach to a wider audience, I can support our clients with their Social Media content and engagement. In addition, I deliver targeted Google Advertising and Social Media Advertising services to my clients.



“Local Business Association, Parnell Inc could not have done our new Parnell website without Cathy Mellett of Net Branding. With over 1,200 pages and lots of complex needs for different audiences, we required an expert, hands-on approach. Cathy gave us huge insight and assistance with our new website and she continues to improve our social media on online channels. You seldom find someone like Cathy, with the range of skills we need, who does not communicate in IT geek.”


“I have been using the consultancy digital services of Cathy Mellett and Net Branding Ltd for the last two years. I am extremely pleased with the progress that my business has made, Cathy’s skill, knowledge, and responsiveness have enabled an entire review of the digital offering (websites through to social media) for my fashion company. Cathy has also (on pro bono basis) established and managed the website for my charity “RAW 2014 Limited” www.raw.org.nz, creating a highly functional site that enables strong storytelling, as well as engagement and promotion of the RAW initiative. I have no hesitation in referring Cathy’s consultancy service.”


Stump Busters is a well-established business. However we have struggled for years with our online marketing. Despite spending tens of thousands on website design, SEO, Google Adwords and Facebook, the results were mediocre. We were never able to find a partner who could bring it all together in the right way, until we started working with Cathy Mellett of Net Branding. Now, after a very short time working with Cathy Mellett, we’re seeing spectacular improvement in organic results that are both tangible and bankable! Cathy took a holistic approach, spending time with me to find out who we are and what we do. Then she researched our industry and fully redeveloped our online presence with a dynamic vibrant website and excellent SEO, and has been rewriting our content (rather than demanding it from me). She’s done all this for a fair and reasonable price, and in just a matter of weeks. All I can say is that, to date, it’s been a pleasure to work with Cathy and I am looking forward to a long partnership as we work together to build my business.”





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As a digital marketing consultant and expert, Cathy Mellett understands how important it is improve your online visibility. From social media marketing to website development, Google AdWords and SEO, she prides herself on the professional integrated digital marketing services delivered and online results achieved for clients. Be where your customers are looking. Connect with Cathy Mellett today.
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